Encouraging Stories

TWR's Encouragement

Terri Tangeman wanted to share some encouragement from TWR. Go to TCOVID-19 From Turmoil to Hope: Season of Hope.

Katharine’s story


My story is much like Stephany's. In fact, she gave me the idea.  For years I had been praying for my neighbors but felt I really knew very few of them.  When I read of Stephany's group, I asked a neighbor to help me distribute notes to mailboxes. She was afraid of spreading the virus that way, and so I decided not to do it. A week later, the Holy Spirit was still nudging my heart, so I wrote up a short note, made 50 copies which included a verse, my telephone number, and the fact that, as I walk around the neighborhood, I pray for them (that's true!). The response has been sweet. Several have asked for prayer, I've met some I never knew before, and others have stopped me on my walks and thanked me for the note. Of course, I got permission from my mail carrier to do this. It's a small thing, but when we listen to God's Holy Spirit, it's exciting to see what He does with our obedience.

Patti's story she heard about

Two young girls, Makiah and Zalaiah who are passionate about prayer in Sacramento, CA decided to offer their neighbors a unique way to be prayed for during this season of social-distancing! They set up a prayer table for their neighbors taking walks or driving by to stop and leave their requests.

What You Will Need:
Set a table out on your front lawn or driveway with a small basket or container that has new, sharpened pencils of any size, and index cards that are individually sealed in ziplock baggies. Also, put a separate small box or basket on the table for people to put their prayer requests into. Make a large sign that says “How Can We Pray for You?”

Simple Instructions to leave on the table:
Hello Neighbors! I (we) would love to pray for you today.
1. Please take a baggie with a card inside, and write down a need or a request you have on the card. You may put your name on the paper, or be completely anonymous.
2. Put your card back in the baggie, seal it, and put it in the other basket/box.
3. To keep us all safe, please take the pencil with you as a gift.
4. I (we) will regularly pick up the prayer requests and pray over them!

Stephany’s story


I want to share a way to love our neighbors that the Lord put in my mind. For background: several months ago I identified a couple of Christ-followers in my neighborhood and invited them to come to my house to pray for our neighborhood. We have met weekly using a map of the neighborhood with as many names as we know. In the present climate, I felt we could "go public." 


I created a 4 x 6" card that says we prayed for you today. It invites people to call one of us if they have a special concern and closed with a short verse. I punched a hole in the corner and we treaded a ribbon through it to tie to neighbor's door handles. This isn't evangelism, it's ground preparation. People are anxious and we know the One who can calm their fears. I have never offered prayer to someone who refused prayer. No one was offended by absentee prayer!!


It turned out that I (who have been having breathing problems) didn't take the prayer walk with the other women. Many people were out that day. There were very positive contacts. One woman showed a neighbor how to stream a church service. 


To begin you could pray with a neighbor or with whoever is in your house (live alone? pray with someone on the phone.) You have to pray so your card isn't a lie!! Here is the one we used last Thursday, the one we will distribute next Thursday and another idea. (The blank space in the middle is where I put our names and cell phone numbers.) This may or may not lead to spiritual conversations but it will bless people who are anxious.  My friends were so blessed by distributing these down our block and adjoining cul de sacs.