Dr. Mike Ross

Interim Pastor, mike@peacepca.org

The Session has entered into an agreement with Dr. Mike Ross, a retired pastor with almost 40 years' experience pastoring churches in the PCA, to serve as a part-time interim pastor at Peace Church for 6 to 8 months, beginning January 19.

Mike's pastoring experience includes 11 years as Senior Pastor of the 1800 member Christ Covenant Church in Mathew, NC. Following his retirement in 2017, he served as interim pastor of two churches. 

Mike and his wife Jane now live in Columbus, Ohio. His schedule during his time at Peace would be to drive to Cary on a Saturday, preach on Sunday, work at Peace all week and preach the next Sunday, and drive home on Monday. He would do this once per month. During his week here he would provide training and coaching of the pastoral search committee, review key facets of ministry with the elders, staff, and members, give advice and counsel how to move forward in these key areas including the pastoral model at Peace, be involved in officer training and development of new officers, and training of the Elders in shepherding the flock. Other areas of ministry would be evaluated as time permits.

We are excited, enthused, and praising the Lord for bringing him to us and for the help and guidance that he will provide in the coming months as we continue to seek the Lord's direction in this next chapter of Peace Church.