Virtual VBS 2020 - SonQuest Rainforest

Series Description

From the comfort of your home, travel with us on a life-changing adventure to the Amazon on our Virtual VBS SonQuest Rainforest. Watch with your family ... or invite others in your small circle to join you for a summer backyard Bible school event.

Each day watch the daily video and plunge into the fun activities include for each day. Don't forget, to discover all the crafts, recipes, games, and more by clicking on the specific sections - we hope you enjoy your adventure through the Rainforest and continue to journey with Jesus through your life.

You may see a list of all the adventures and fun activities here.  Also all videos are on our YouTube channel, PeacePCA.


VBS SonQuest Rainforest

Truth Made Simple

Adventure - Field Trip to the Rainforest

South Florida PBS

Adventure - 25 Facts About the Amazon Rainforest

Peacock Kids

Adventure - Green Tree Pythons: A Beautiful Tropical Snake

The Burge Family

Adventure - The Umbrella by Jan Brett

GEA Elephants