At Peace, we believe membership is an important and biblically faithful part of church participation.

As people believed in Christ and were baptized into the early church, they were officially counted as part of the body (Acts 1:15, 2:41). It's also clear that early churchgoers had a responsibility to obey the leaders of the church (Hebrews 13:17). In other words, churches had a formalized accountability structure and appointed elders who were to shepherd God's flock.

The first churches were not theoretical groups, but identified local bodies where individuals mattered and were cared for. Though we live in a place and time where covenantal commitments are often devalued, we want to be a church that demonstrates the beauty and power of membership.

Membership is also beneficial. When the church takes responsibility for and watches over us, our hearts, lives and relationships are blessed. And the benefit is mutual: the rest of the congregation is helped when we commit to support the church in its worship and work.

The consistent message of the Bible is that you need the local church - to shepherd, sanctify and support you - and the local church needs you - to serve, lead and love others. One of the best ways to submit to and celebrate that reality is through membership.

If you're considering joining Peace Church, we invite you to attend our Peace 101 Sunday school class in the fall or spring quarter, and to submit a membership application. Once we've received your application, a church elder will contact you to set up a membership interview.