Music at Peace

One of the most common questions asked about a specific church is, "What kind of music do they use"? At Peace we have an eclectic variety of music, rooted in traditional hymnody, but not limited to it. We use traditional hymn texts with their original melodies and sometimes with re-written melodies (like Red Mountain and Indelible Grace), modern hymns like Stuart Townend & Keith Getty as well as modern worship songs by artists such as Wendell Kimbrough, Sovereign Grace, Red Mountain, All Sons and Daughters, CityAlight, and Hillsong.

How we use music at Peace

Music is not the main event, but is an equal part of the worship service, along with prayer, Baptism and the Lord's Supper and the Sermon. But we believe that the Sermon and the Bible passage being preached on are what guides the theme of the worship service and therefore the music. In other words, music is used liturgically, to fit the topic and theme not only of the service, but of the particular section of the service.

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