The outreach team's mission is to lead Peace in reaching outside the church to love, serve and proclaim grace to our community. The Triangle is religiously, ethnically and socioeconomically diverse, and God calls local churches to take intentional steps of faith to bring outsiders into his family.

We are currently focusing on two opportunties for outreach. The first is a partnership with Kingswood Elementary School in Cary. Volunteers assist students through tutoring, mentoring and as lunch buddies. We also serve faculty and staff by writing notes of encouragement, providing tasty treats and helping with material needs in the classroom.

A second opportunity is with Dorcas Ministries, also in Cary. Help is needed in the thrift store and food pantry, as well as with programs such as crisis counseling, office support and job training as a Jobs for Life champion.

Other outreach opportunities include:

  • Praying for and planning initiatives that help Peace engage Cary in new and meaningful ways;
  • Leading in intentional, relational evangelism;
  • Exemplifying to the church what it looks like to live missionally and proclaim the good news in the spheres God puts you in.

To find out what it would look like for you to be an outreach servant-leader at Peace, start the conversation by completing the form below.