Building Use During the Pandemic

Peace Church Temporary Building Use Policy
May 6, 2021

This policy pertains to all buildings on the Peace campus. Exceptions to this policy must be approved by OFM. Failure to abide by this policy may result in forfeiture of facility use privilege. Fellowship hall and kitchen are considered a single entity titled “fellowship hall” or “FH”

Maximum capacity for the following rooms

Fellowship Hall and Sanctuary 100
C207, Jr High, Sr High, and Music Rooms 25
Sanctuary for Worship 125





Priority of worship on Sunday:

  • Sunday use of the building AND grounds is restricted to worship activities which include community and youth group gatherings

Priority of Preschool Tuesday through Friday 8-1:

  • All downstairs classrooms, fellowship hall, and the music room are restricted to preschool use when preschool is in session
  • Except for the FH, no other use of the preschool spaces may be scheduled from Monday evening (10 PM) until Friday afternoon (5 PM)
  • All outdoor spaces are also the exclusive use of the preschool during their normal operation hours
  • Access to upstairs education building must be made through the rear entrance of education building avoiding the preschool operating area

General Indoor Use:

  • Face coverings and social distancing (6 ft radius) are recommended
  • All rooms must be reserved in advance and a 1-hour window before and after will be applied to scheduling except for FH and sanctuary.
  • Maximum duration of indoor use is 2 hours
  • Note that motion-activated HD cameras are located in all hallways and the fellowship hall

Fellowship Hall and Sanctuary Use:

  • Food and Drink may be prepared and served and consumed in the FH.
  • The FH and Sanctuary may be scheduled for 2-hour intervals with a 1-hour window before and after
  • FH to be left with all chairs stacked and all tables put away