Building Use During the Pandemic

Peace Church Temporary Building Use Policy
November 5, 2020

• There are no changes to the current policy affecting the sanctuary and admin building spaces. No meetings are to be scheduled there without OFM explicit approval.

• There are no changes to the outdoor use policy currently in effect with the exception of bathroom use noted below.

• This policy pertains to the fellowship hall and education buildings use only.

• This policy will follow phase 3 guidance from NCDHHS

Maximum capacity for the following rooms

      Fellowship Hall
(NCDHHS conference center allowance)
  C207, Jr High, Sr High, and Music Rooms
(NCDHHS mass gathering allowance)

• For indoor building use face coverings are required and social distancing (6 ft radius) is recommended

• All bathrooms are now available for use but are limited to single occupancy except when parents/teachers must assist young children

• Rooms are to be used only once during a 24 hour period

• All rooms must be reserved in advance and a 12-hour window before and after will be applied to scheduling to assure only a single-use during a 24 hour period

• Rooms are to be left with all chairs stacked and all tables put away.

• Maximum duration of indoor use is 90 minutes.

• No food or drink consumption is permitted inside the buildings

Preschool Priority  
     1.  All downstairs classrooms and the music room are restricted to preschool use when preschool is in session.   
     2.  The fellowship hall/kitchen will be permitted to be scheduled Saturdays and Mondays while preschool is in session.  
     3.  All outdoor spaces are also the exclusive use of the preschool during their normal operating hours.  
     4.  No other building use is permitted during preschool operating hours Tuesday - Friday, 8 AM-1 PM.  

• Sunday use of the building is restricted to worship activities which include small group gatherings.

• When construction begins on the new playground these rules may need to be amended to accommodate entryway access.

• Motion-activated HD cameras are located in all hallways and the fellowship hall.

• We appreciate everyone’s following the new rules. Failure to abide by them may result in forfeiture of facility use privilege.

Appendix – Deacon Motion

The following motion was passed by the diaconate on October 15, 2020.

“Amend the temporary building use policy currently in effect, due to Covid 19, for indoor spaces of the church. Allowing the use of indoor spaces in the education wing based on following the below guidelines. These changes will go into effect on November 1st.

- Education building is closed Tuesday through Friday until 1 pm.

- Ground floor of the education building (excluding fellowship hall) will be off-limits to scheduled events while PPPC is operating. Currently meeting until 11/24/2020 with a return on 01/05/2021.

- Mask usage will be required for all persons

- Individuals are asked to maintain social distance at all times

- Bathroom occupancy will be limited to one person at a time to ensure distancing requirements are met

- Follow maximum occupancy numbers per room. No room is to exceed the current state mandate

- Any single room in the education building will be available for use only one period per day

- Sanctuary usage will not change.

- Any deviations to this policy need the facility manager written approval.

Maximum occupancy numbers to be set by the facilities manager in conjunction with the building and grounds committee. The approval and scheduling of the indoor spaces to be managed by the facility manager. Groups agree to the building use policy before booking of events.”