NIC AT NIGHT - Spring 2021



Below you will find the "offical" backing tracks to use for your recordings. 

First, here are some important reminders for your recording:

1. Use 2 devices: One to listen to the backing track with headphones and one to record yourself with. 

2. Record in PORTRAIT MODE (vertical). 

3. Put your recording device on something so that it does not move while you are recording. 

4. Make sure your room is quiet and your background is clean and not cluttered. 

5. Record yourself so that we see your waist up (the way you see Ms. Becky and Ms. Carey in the videos)

6. Wear the appropriate costume (will be listed by each of the backing tracks)

7. When you record, start your recording first. Then start the backing track. DO THE CLAPS with Ms. Carey. Then sing and look at the camera. 

8. Smile when the song is over and wait until the track ends to stop your camera. 

9. After you finish, please rename your file to NAMEOFSONG_YOURNAME then upload below:


1. Christ the Lord Verses 1 & 2 (Due MARCH 7) -- COSTUME: SOLID Bright color t-shirt (no writing or logos)

2. Christ the Lord Verse 5 (Due MARCH 7) -- COSTUME: SOLID Bright color t-shirt (no writing or logos)

3. Nic at Night (Due MARCH 7) -- COSTUME: SOLID Black t-shirt (no writing or logos)

4. Were You There (due MARCH 21) -- wear BLACK (except Katie in costume)

5.The First Lord's Day (due MARCH 21) -- (ONLY Katie, Hadassah, Andrew, Luke, Benjamin & Keegan) -- ALL IN COSTUME

6. That Woud Be My Jesus (due APRIL 11) -- wear BLACK

7. John 3:16 (due APRIL 11) -- wear BLACK

8. What the Pharisees Saw (due APRIL 11) -- wear BLACK

9. Secret Disciples song (due APRIL 25) -- wear BLACK

10. Born Brand New song (due APRIL 25) -- ONLY Ailyne, Meredith, Issac, Christine -- in COSTUME

11. In the Dark (due APRIL 25) -- ONLY 5th Graders -- wear BLACK except Keegan in costume

12. Acts I, II, III (due APRIL 25) -- wear BLACK






Download all files to your own device here.

Listen online here and below: