Sunday School

Sunday School is about building a richer knowledge of God’s Word and equipping his people to live as faithful disciples through the challenges of daily life.

Classes are held between Sunday morning worship services, from 9:45 to 10:45. See below for more information on the courses we’re offering this quarter, and use our facilities map to find the room you're looking for.

For Adults 


*While these classes are designed for adults, students are also welcome to participate.


The Mission Class (Fellowship Hall)

What Is Peace Doing in Missions and How Can I Help? This class will allow you to tour the world from your seat in Sunday school. What is God doing in missions here at Peace Church and how can you join God in what he is doing? You will hear from our local mission teams about the specific ways the Holy Spirit is advancing the Gospel through Peace: church planting, ministries to women encountering unplanned pregnancies, incarcerated men and women, teenagers at our local schools, and to our college students through Reformed University Fellowship (RUF). Hear from our world missions team how the Lord is using Peace in Europe, Africa, and soon - Norway. This summer class will be interesting and challenging to your Christian life. 

The Bible Class (Adult Conference Room, C207)

An interactive class for the study of scripture. This summer, we will continue the study of the Old Testament books, 1st and 2nd Samuel. Samuel presents Jesus as the heir to David’s throne as King David’s life and kingship point forward to Jesus Christ. These 2 books tell the story of King David’s ascent to power, his accomplishments and failures, and how God continued to fulfill his covenant promises. The class will have a time of fellowship, study, and prayer. Bill Stern leads this class.

For Students 

Middle School & High School (C204/C206)

OT God’s Promises – Judges to I Kings: David and Solomon God’s covenant with David promised an everlasting kingdom
Teachers: Jono Darville, Alex Fuller, Bruce Innes, Darla & Tim McDonald

For Children

Two- & Three-Year-Olds (C105 & C107)

God’s People: God’s guidance and deliverance of his people in the Old Testament Teachers: Laura Parrish, Jen Regehr, Sharyn Van Hook, Glynda Westerbeek

Fours, Fives, and Kindergarten (C109/C111)

God Keeps His Promises: Finding out about God through his faithfulness to his Old Testament people
Teachers: Alisa Arslan, Dana Minnick, Michael Regehr, Jenna Tomlin

First and Second Grades (C104)

Growing in God: Learning with the Israelites about trusting and obeying God
Teachers: Julie Beezley, Carole McCreery, Edith Worley

Third and Fourth Grades (C106)

Trusting God: Finding out the greatness and goodness of the heavenly Father
Teachers: Melissa Hill, Beth Barfield

Fifth Grade (C102)

OT Bible Survey – Job to Malachi: Songs, proverbs, and prophets
Teachers: Xan & Sara Innes, Katharine Parrish

*Learn more about "the Big Picture." for children and youth education at Peace.