How to Use Church Center

Church Center allows you to view Peace events, groups & church information, and manage your personal profile from your phone and/or your computer. You can access Church Center from the Church Center app for Android or iOS or for your computer.

Log in to Church Center

Phone, Tablet, or Computer
Click here to download the Church Center App on your phone or tablet or visit peacepca.churchcenter.com to access Church Center through your web browser.

After you enter your mobile number or email on the login screen, you will receive a verification code, which will expire after two hours and can only be used to log in once. Members' and regular attendees' information will already be in the Church Center App, so please click on the dropdown menu and select your profile. If your profile does not show up, please create one.

My Church Center

You can view your profile by selecting your profile picture or initials in the upper right corner. In your profile, you'll see My ScheduleActivity & Involvement, and My Organizations.

My Schedule

The My Schedule section shows all of your upcoming events, including those you have been scheduled to serve at Peace, bookmarked from the calendar, or coordinated with groups. You can select Actions to set block-out dates or contact your team leader in services.

Activity & Involvement

This section is where you'll see My Groups, My Registration, and My Giving.

My Organizations

The My Organizations section shows the churches you've connected with your account. Select an organization's name to change which church you're viewing in Church Center or select + Add to add new organizations.

Update Your Profile

Make sure your information stays current, so Peace can continue to reach out to you! Manage your contact and profile information, as well as your household information, from the profile and settings.

To update your information in Me, go to My profile & settings to view your contact information, household, and preferences. Update these settings to personalize your profile and make your Church Center experience fit your needs.

Contact and Profile Information

Add or update your email address, phone number, and mailing address, as well as your gender, school name, marital status, anniversary date, medical notes, and profile picture. For security purposes, you can not change locked fields, like your name and birthday. Please contact the church secretary if the information in one of these fields is incorrect.

Household Information

You can view your household information in this section. Any household adult can also update profiles for household members. You can not edit household members, names, grades, or birthdates. Please contact the church secretary to make those changes.


In addition to updating information for you and your household, you can also manage various app preferences in Me, including how you receive notifications.

Manage Your Giving Information

Church Center is the hub for giving to your church! You can access the last time you donated, the credit cards you've saved, and your donation schedule anytime all from one place.

Ways to manage your giving:

  • Select your photo or initials in the top right corner of the page.

  • Under Activity & Involvement, click My Giving.

Join a Group

Peace Church offers different types of groups to be involved in. With Church Center, you can search for a new group to join and connect with or see the groups you already are involved in!

You can find Groups by clicking the icon in the bottom navigation bar. Look under Find Group, click on the specific type of group you are interested in being involved in. Just click Request to Join and someone will follow up with you. Some groups are not visible so contact the church secretary if you don't see a group. You can also find groups you've already joined on Me under Activity & Involvement.

Register for an Event

With Church Center, you can see those upcoming events and register to join. On the home page, you can click on the Events banner and be able to see all the upcoming events. In addition, you may go to the More page, and click on Signups which links you directly to all the Peace featured events that need to be registered. (Some signups are only available through a link sent by text or email.)

View Registered Events

To view your registered events, go to your profile picture or initials in the upper right corner and select My Registrations.

If any of your registrations need more information, like a balance due or an attendee missing a form, a Needs Attention button will be displayed beneath the registration.

Cancel Your Registration

Choose the registration you'd like to cancel and scroll to the bottom of the registration confirmation. Click cancel online in the Need Help? section.

A refund will not be issued automatically. If you need a refund, contact an administrator to request one. If you do not have the option to cancel your registration, contact the person listed in the Need Help? section to cancel.

View Your Scheduled Plans

You can see any of your assigned plans by clicking your profile picture or initials in the upper right corner. Any new requests, including signup sheets, will be listed in the top section of Me.

  • Using the Actions button, you can accept all scheduling requests, block-out dates, or email your team leader.

  • Accept a pending request or use More for other options. View the positions, times, and notes, or decline the position.

  • Any confirmed plan or block-out dates will show in the schedule.
    When you open a scheduled plan, you can see the plan details, including your position, times, and notes for which you are assigned.

 If you have any specific questions, please contact Andrea Dugger or other Peace leadership.