Two & Three-Year-Olds (C105/C107)

God’s Family:  Beginning the line of promise – Adam through Joseph
Teachers:  Laura Parrish, Jen Regehr, Sharyn Van Hook, Glynda Westerbeek

Sunday School-Children2 1080x700

Fours, Fives, and Kindergarten (C109/C111)

God Created All Things:  Discover the Creator through his Word and his creation
Teachers:  Alisa Arslan, Michael Regehr, Rosie Thomas, Jenna Tomlin

First and Second Grades (C104)

Living Together:  God and his people; stories from Genesis
Teachers: Carole McCreery, Kurt & Dolores Rundle

Sunday School-Children3 1080x700

Third and Fourth Grades (C106)

Worshiping God:  The joys and duties of worship
Teachers: Beth Barfield, Liz Buckner, Melissa Hill

Fifth Grade (C102)

OT Bible Survey – Genesis:  Creation, the Fall, the flood, the Abrahamic covenant, the patriarchs, and Joseph
Teachers: Xan & Sara Innes

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