Two & Three-Year-Olds (C105/C107)

God’s People: God’s guidance and deliverance of his people in the Old Testament
Teachers: Laura Parrish, Jen Regehr, Sharyn Van Hook, Glynda Westerbeek

Sunday School-Children2 1080x700

Fours, Fives, and Kindergarten (C109/C111)

God Keeps His Promises: Find out about God through his faithfulness to his Old Testament people
Teachers: Alisa Arslan, Michael Regehr, Rosie Thomas, Jenna Tomlin

First and Second Grades (C104)

Growing in God: Learning with the Israelites about trusting and obeying God
Teachers: Carole McCreery, Kurt & Dolores Rundle

Sunday School-Children3 1080x700

Third and Fourth Grades (C106)

Trusting God: Finding out the greatness and goodness of the heavenly Father
Teachers: Melissa Hill, Beth Barfield, Liz Buckner


Fifth Grade (C102)

OT Bible Survey – Job to Malachi: Songs, proverbs, and prophets
Teachers: Xan & Sara Innes

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