Many churches have great preaching and programs but still, struggle to produce mature and equipped Christ-followers who can lead others. At Peace Church, we want to help believers in their growth in Christ. We seek to train people to labor in the lives of a few to impart one’s life, the gospel, and God’s Word in such a way that they become mature and equipped followers of Christ, committed to doing the same in the lives of others. This is accomplished by small groups of men and women committing to meet together for 8 months, September to May with breaks, for an hour and a half, and also doing homework outside of class.  It is not just another program but a transformation tool. Get started on a journey to rediscover what church could look like with spiritual maturity, more leaders, missional growth, and a deeper community. The short animation above explains what Life on Life is about.  Contact Doug Domin for more information.

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