While these classes are designed for adults, students are also welcome to participate.

If you missed a class, find some of the class on our Discipleship Podcast or on our website here.

Living as a Global Disciple (Fellowship Hall)

Living as a Global Disciple 1080x700God is redeeming His creation through His kingdom, the Church of Jesus Christ. We will explore God’s Redemptive Mission as revealed in His Word, from Genesis to Revelation. We will look at “Great Commission” passages in the Old Testament and New testament. We will see that the charge that Jesus gave to His Apostles just before ascending to sit at the right hand of the Father is NOT a last-minute afterthought, but that the Redemption of His people from all the nations is the Heart of God’s Story, revealed throughout the Bible, lived out in the life of Jesus Christ, and is as relevant to each of us today as it was to the original hearers. This class will explore how we can align our hearts with the Heart of God and what that will look like in each of our lives. The class will be led by Rick Paules.  

"God For Us" Women's Class (C200)

Women's Class 1080x700God is love. Of course we all know it . . . in our heads, at least. So why does it feel like he's far off and unconcerned or may even be against us? We wonder, "Is God good in general, but not to me specifically?" Join us in this unique class as we discuss women to women "God For Us" by Abby Ross Hutto and discover the heart of God through the life of His Son. The class will be led by varous women leaders.  

The Bible Class:I and II Samuel (Adult Conference Room, C207)2023-09-17 Bible Class 1080x700

These 2 books focus on God establishing David as king with the promise that a greater King would follow David and set up his eternal Kingdom. This theme and God’s guidance and care over his people are seen throughout the book. The writer with great excitement unfolds God’s plan as David learns to trust God and shows that he was a man after God’s own heart who had a passion to worship and glorify God. The writer also shows David as a great sinner, yet forgiven, and used of God even through the consequences of David’s failures. The books point forward to the coming Christ who is promised in the covenant God made with David. Taught by Bill Stern.

Peace 101 (Music Room—C101)Peace 101 1080x700

Peace 101 is for anyone interested in learning more about the beliefs and vision of Peace Church. Do we believe in the Bible? Is it trustworthy? How is the church governed? What does the church believe about worship, family ministry, and Christian growth? What do we believe about children and youth ministry? These and other questions will be considered and leaders from various ministries will share about what Peace is doing to serve Christ and the Triangle. Also, learn how to get involved and be a part of our church community. Peace 101 is offered two times a year. This class will be led by the Pastors and Leadership.

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