While these classes are designed for adults, students are also welcome to participate. 

Apologetics from the Head and Heart (Fellowship Hall)

2022-12-04 Apologetics for the Head and Heart 1080x700

Want to know how to lovingly and convincingly make a case for the Christian faith? Curious how to best respond to contemporary challenges relating to things like sexual ethics and gender?

Come learn how to use Scripture, history, logic, science, and personal testimony to give unbelievers a reason for the hope that is within us.

Taught by Jono Darville in the Fellowship Hall.

The Bible Class (Adult Conference Room, C207)Sunday School - The Bible Class 1080x700

An interactive class for the study of scripture. This summer, we will continue the study of the Old Testament books, 1st and 2nd Samuel. Samuel presents Jesus as the heir to David’s throne as King David’s life and kingship point forward to Jesus Christ. These 2 books tell the story of King David’s ascent to power, his accomplishments and failures, and how God continued to fulfill his covenant promises. The class will have a time of fellowship, study, and prayer. Bill Stern leads this class.



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