Praying with Peace Church

The best way to stay up to date about how you can pray for people at Peace is by signing up for PrayerLine email updates. These emails go out every few days and indicate specific prayer needs in the Peace family.

We also encourage every Peace member and regular attender to join a community group. The reality is, it's not possible to know what's going on in the lives of everyone at Peace, but small groups allow you to pray with and for a smaller community within the church.

Receiving Prayer from Peace

To request prayer from the Peace family or church leadership, begin by considering who you want to know about your request...

Peace PrayerLine Requests

For prayer requests to be shared with the entire church body, Peace uses the Peace PrayerLine to communicate quickly and directly throughout the week. You can submit a request for the PrayerLine using the form below, or by calling our offices at 919-467-5977, or emailing during the weekly business hours or during nights and off-hours, please email Cheryl Somerville.

Peace Prayer Requests

For prayers that require some discretion by the recipients, Peace provides the opportunity to submit requests via our Peace prayer cards (in the sanctuary pew racks) on Sunday mornings, or throughout the week using the form below. These requests are not distributed to the congregation at large but delivered by email to church staff, Deacons, Elders, and Comfort & Care (as appropriate).  

Confidential Prayer Requests

If you would like for one specific pastor or staff member to pray for you, please email them directly. All email addresses are listed in the church bulletin or go to (email beside title or on the right of each staff member (envelope symbol is linked to their email).

Shepherding Elder Requests

In addition to these three written methods of communication, we encourage you to call your assigned elders in times of difficulty, day or night, for prayer. If you aren't sure who your elder is, you can complete the form below or call the church office (919-467-5977) for name and contact info.