World Ministries

Want to be more involved in World Ministries?
Start by praying for the below World Ministries Peace supports.

Contact Rick Paules for more ways to get involved or to know how to pray!

  • Bakelaar, Peter and Diane; MTW - Japan
  • de Arruda, Onesimo and Marilda; Pastoral Support Services - Brazil
  • Four Corners Home for Children / Navajo Ministries - New Mexico, USA
  • Harrell, Frank; MTW - Japan
  • Haynes, Matt and Sarah*, MTW - Cary, NC, USA
  • Ilyricum Movement / Demo, Edi and Bona - Albania
  • Kairos Ministries / Valdez, Paco and Priscila - Guatemala
  • Lupton, Andrea and Laura Kate*, MTW - Bogotá, Colombia
  • Martinez, Edwin and Evie / OC (One Challenge) - Latin America
  • Mial, Bill and Barbara*, TWR (Trans World Radio) - Florida, USA
  • Mitchell, Jonathan and Kate*, Concentric Development - Cary, NC, USA
  • Pakistan Partnership Initiative - Pakistan
  • Phillips, McDaniel and Blossom* TWR (Trans World Radio) - Canada
  • Puerto de Esperanza, MTW - La Ceiba, Honduras
  • Riggs, Dave and Sylvia, Wycliffe Bible Translators - Ogden, UT, USA
  • Smalling, Roger and Dianne, Vision R.E.A.L, - USA
  • Thabet, Lorrey, InterVarsity Christian Fellowship - Cary, NC, USA
  • Traub, Will and Judy, MTW - Dundee, Scottland
  • White, Andy and Cheryl, Crossworld - Raleigh, NC
  • Wilkes, Larry and Mandy, MTW - Cheltenham, England
  • Witthun, Carol*, TWR (Trans World Radio) - Guam
  • We also support two ministries in South Asia

* Peace Church Affliliated